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R&D project
The selected R&D projects are preferably collaborative effors, bringing together various companies and laboratories in the image industry.

These projects should have a clearly defined commercial output and should result in the industrialization of new technologies developed by the project within 2 years after the start of the project.

But before you begin building your pitch, please make sure you ask yourself the right questions:
12 key questions to ask before applying…

  • What make my project innovative ?
  • What purpose will the project serve ?
  • Who are my partners ? Why these partners rather than others ? Are they indespinsable to my project ?
  • What is the cutting edge of technology within my industry on a global scale?
  • Who are my competitors ? What are the current industry trends ?
  • Quels sont les verrous technologiques ?
  • What are my key success factors ?
  • What are my deliverables ? And along what timeline?
  • Who is responsible for each project element ?
  • Who owns the intellectual property involved?
  • What is the global project cost ?
  • What is the financial and resource investment brought by your company ?

Once you can answer all of these questions we are available to help you identify and meet the right financial and technical partners to build you plan and launch your project.

your contact for these subjects: David GAL-REGNIEZ :
email: dgalregniez@imaginove.fr
phone: 04 37 56 89 01
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